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Rosberg Thinks That Hamilton Asked Mercedes For Valtteri’s ‘Fresh Chassis’

Heading into the French Grand Prix weekend, Mercedes confirmed that they would be switching the chassis of both Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton. Apparently, this rather unusual switcheroo was scheduled and was done for ‘mileage’ reasons.

“Due to the cost cap, we are not able to produce new chassis, and that’s why we have four chassis that we have carried over, and for mileage reasons, they are being swapped around between the two drivers,” Mercedes boss Toto Wolff told the media on Friday. “There is no other story to that.”

However, many eyebrows were raised after Bottas seemed to be flying around the Paul Ricard circuit and topping the FP1 time sessions, especially after his disastrous outing last time out in Baku. Hamilton seemed to struggle and even radioed that there was ‘something wrong with the car’ during Friday afternoon’s practice session.

As a former Mercedes employee and the 2016 F1 World Champion, Nico Rosberg has some interesting thoughts on the whole situation.

He thinks that Hamilton might have asked for this chassis swap after a request earlier in the season.

“I think Valtteri’s chassis was the younger one because he changed after Imola,” Rosberg said on SkySports, referring to the monster crash Bottas had with George Russell at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

“He got a fresh chassis there, so Lewis’s chassis had a lot more miles on it. Lewis wasn’t feeling comfortable, especially in Monaco. So from my point of view, it was Lewis saying in the team ‘hey, I want to try Valtteri’s chassis, I want to see if there’s something wrong with my car and see if I can find some extra performance’. I think he was pushing for it.”

When asked if swapping chassis with a teammate is a common occurrence in Mercedes, Rosberg was adamant that such a thing would have never been allowed to happen.

“Absolutely never. We would never switch chassis between drivers. If I would feel bad, I would push for a new chassis, but never to get the chassis of a teammate.

“This, for me, is an indication also that they are really trying to give a little bit more of a preferential treatment to Lewis than usual, which is understandable. He is in that straight fight with Verstappen, so he needs all the help he can get.”

Certainly an interesting perspective from Nico, who beat Hamilton to the drivers’ title in 2016 before retiring from the sport just a week later.

What are your thoughts?

11 thoughts on “Rosberg Thinks That Hamilton Asked Mercedes For Valtteri’s ‘Fresh Chassis’

  • That’s a lot of B.S coming from Rosberg. If the intention is help a member of the team then Bottas is the one who stands to again as he has been struggling with is car. So if any one is been favoured as Rosberg want us to believe then it is Bottas and not Hamilton

  • Roseburg needs to come off it now..whatever he is smoking..why in the world would Lewis ask for Bottas car when he was doing much better than him in his own car..simple common sense indicates if there was a request it would be the other way round

    • Lewis is a moaner and probably did ask for a change . Nothing unusual about that. He has competition for the first time and he is feeling the heat. Common Max ..

    • John Francis says:

      Keyboard warrior with an inferiority complex. You must be really jealous of Lewis. He is talented, wealthy and hugely respected around the world. You are a sad nobody and will remain so for the rest of your life.

      • Mika Hendrawan says:

        Keyboard warrior, its been a while since the last time i saw someone use this word LOL

        How you are typing then? Voice to text? How stpd is that? 😁

  • You guys should read the article more careful. Hamilton wanted the other chassis because of the poor performance in Monaco and Baku. Since RedBull made a lot of progress with their engine all of a sudden Hamilton is not that good. Now there is real competition so he is looking for everything to gain. Mercedes always favored Hamilton even when Rosberg was there. Lewis is a great driver but far from the only good driver on the grid. They put Russell on that car last year and went to the top. That said a lot, the car is great and if the driver has talent, Lewis and Russell have it both, they will win. Mercedes as a manufacturer came up with the perfect design for their hybrid engine from the start and that propelled them to first and kept them there. This year may be different. I like Bottas but sadly he is not a champion and he will never be at Mercedes.

  • Risberg show be shame to talk such shit because he bitched and whined to the Dahlmer bosses and got Lewis’s whole engineering team complaining that success is in 1 side of the garage he was so guilty the he quit because he knew that Mercedes had sabotage Lewis and he would never had challege the next season in a fair fight….!!

  • Didn’t they give preferential treatment to Rosberg when he went crying to Toto saying lewis is beating me every year because he has the best team mechanics and pitmen,,,,,,,,I want them all,and he got them,even lewis data on every track…..what a loser.

  • Mika Hendrawan says:

    “He need all the help hebcould get”

    Including from his elbow that pushed Max on driver interview 😁

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