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Ross Brawn Has Revealed The Three Car Manufacturers He Would Like To Join F1

Part of the point of the slightly simplified 2021 engine rules is to make F1 more attractive and cheaper to enter – not only for current teams, but also for those not in the sport at the moment.

That’s what Ross Brawn hopes anyway, and he’s singled out three manufacturers in particular that he hopes the new F1 rules appeal to. He told Sports Bild:

“There are several premium manufacturers that I would like in Formula 1. Porsche is one of them, but also Aston Martin and Lamborghini.”

Aston Martin is ramping up its involvement with Red Bull next year, and there are rumours that it’s currently reorganising ready to build its own engine ready for 2021.

There are always rumours surrounding Porsche in F1 too, the latest of which is based on the fact that the company is still working on its LMP1 engine, even though the programme has been cancelled. As for Lamborghini, who knows – it’d be pretty cool though, right?

Brawn reckons the new engine rules are just what’s needed to make it happen, saying:

“I guarantee you, with today’s power unit, no manufacturer is interested in getting started. That’s why we have to make it cheaper and easier. That’s why we need to create an environment that’s attractive to them.”

Having new engine suppliers would be one thing, but what would be really cool is if manufacturers come into the sport as full-on teams – there is the space for it, after all.

Plus, if the likes of Ferrari do follow through on their quit-threats, we could probably do with a few back-ups!

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