F1’s new managing director of motorsport, Ross Brawn, has said that F1 needs to be made simpler in the future.

Ross Brawn is one of the most respected men in the industry and his new role focusing on the sporting side of F1 has been met with a great response.

Speaking in an interview on BBC Radio 5 Live, Brawn said one of the main goals for the future will be to make the sport less complex and easier to understand.

“I think simplicity is a key objective for the future. I watch Formula 1, I have done for the last few years as a spectator and there’s times when even I haven’t been sure what’s going on in a race.”

Wow. When Ross Brawn, one of the most intelligent minds on the F1 pit wall during his time at the likes of Benetton and Ferrari, says he can’t understand F1, you know something’s gone wrong somewhere!

Brawn was instrumental in the successes of Benetton, Ferrari and his own team, Brawn GP.
Brawn was instrumental in the successes of Benetton, Ferrari and his own team, Brawn GP.

He continued: “It’s a great sport, it’s a fabulous combination of drivers, their personalities, their competition, the cars, the whole thing, we just need to look at it and see how we can improve the show.”

In the past F1 has been quite short-sighted with it’s plans and seems to alter it’s direction almost on a whim. Brawn also talked about how that needs to change, and that having long-term plans would be important for the new owners of the sport.

“I feel, and I know from experience that Formula 1 tends to be reactive: it has a problem, it reacts and tries to find a solution, but very rarely has the vision of looking forward three to five years and deciding where it wants to be.

“I think we know what fans want, they want entertainment, they want overtaking, they want close racing, they want to be able to understand what’s going on. I think everyone agrees on that. It’s finding a path with all the other teams and all the other people involved to achieve that.”

It’s early days, yes, but so far he’s saying all the right things. If there’s one person you would hope could solve some of the issues with the sport, it’s Ross Brawn.