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Build It Now!: This Rush Movie Lego Set Needs To Happen

RUSH Lego set

Every movie seems to have a Lego set these days; Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings… even Back to the Future, so why not Rush? Jon Reinhardt has created this Rush inspired set on Lego Cuusoo (which is basically a Kickstarter for Lego set ideas) so if you like the idea, get voting for it!

I for one would order one the second it’s made.


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This set was inspired by two of the most famous racers I know of and love.
Besides Schumacher, James Hunt and Niki Lauda are my favorites from the history of Formula One, with their famous rivalry that turned into mutual respect after Lauda experienced a near-fatal crash while racing in Nürburgring, 1976.

Almost 40 years has passed since then.
Now, with the release of Ron Howard’s biographical drama film “Rush”, based on the lives of these two icons, I decided to build a set in honor of their accomplishments.

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Click the link below to support the project.


Lego Cuusoo

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