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Russell Feels Like Bottas ‘Wouldn’t Have Made A Move Like That If It Was A Different Driver’

It’s certainly going to be a hot topic of discussion, but George Russell hasn’t been afraid to speak his mind on his incident on track with Valtteri Bottas at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. The two drivers came together around mid-way through the race, bring out immediate red flags for their collision which both drivers were able to thankfully walk away from. 

“It is frustrating because Bottas is fighting for P9,” Russell said to Ziggo sport in the media pen.

“He should be fighting for podiums and victories every race. That move, for him, is something you would do when fighting for a victory.

“I am frustrated, because I feel like if it was another driver, he would not have reacted like that.”

Explaining the crash to SkySportsF1, Russell explained how the incident unfolded from his perspective.

“Well, I was coming on Valtteri massively fast, I had the slipstream, I had the DRS, and just as I pulled out, he jolted, very, very slightly, to the right which is a tactical defence that drivers in the past used to do.

“It was the Verstappen move of 2015 which there is a gentleman’s agreement hat that is not what you do because it is incredibly dangerous. In completely dry conditions I’d have been fine, but it just put me onto the wet patch, and I lost it. So, an unfortunate incident but we’re going at 200mph, you need to respect the speed and conditions. One of those things.”

When asked what he said to Bottas when he confronted him after the crash, Russell asked him “if he was trying to kill us both”.

“You know, we’re going incredibly fast, we know the conditions. In his eyes, he’s not really fighting for anything. A P9 for him is nothing but for us it’s everything. I’m going for the move; the move would’ve been absolutely easy and there’s absolutely no reason to jolt like that. Like I said it’s a gentleman’s agreement between the drivers because we’ve always said it’s going to cause a massive collision at some point. And here we are. 

“We’re both grown men, we’ll have a conversation and talk about it. Let the heat die down a bit. I’m sure he’s upset and frustrated with me as I am with him. The faintest of movements when you’re travelling at 200mph is actually quite a massive thing. More so it’s not just the speed, it’s the speed difference. You know I was probably going 30mph quicker than him and about to overtake him. Perhaps if it was another driver, he wouldn’t have done that. “

Wow. Some spicy remarks. Both Russell and Bottas have been summoned to the Stewards after the race. This whole situation is made extra interesting when you think it could be these two drivers fighting for that Mercedes seat in 2022.

Who do you think was to blame? Let us know in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Russell Feels Like Bottas ‘Wouldn’t Have Made A Move Like That If It Was A Different Driver’

  • Jenny Cunningham says:

    I think what it comes down to is that both drivers were doing what comes naturally (gaining/holding position) and neither were thinking about actively avoiding a collision. So it’s hard to say either are at fault, all perspective.

    • I think bottas is loosing the edge, nowadays he is making mistakes more often, maybe the seat in Mercedes is the cracking pressure in his performance.

  • Dont really know who caused it but first big collision of the season.brought me to the edge of my seat, im a lewis fan so when he spun i was like lewis noooo , then it changes to bottas crashed out an i was even more annoyed

    • Esteban Tuero says:

      I don’t think Lewis would have been able to fight back to 2nd without the red flag, so at least you had that 😊

  • I definitely think that was a racing incident. Bottas is entitled to defend his position, and Russell is entitled to go around the outside. They just happened to do both at the same time and it ended in tears. I will say I’m extremely disappointed by how Russell behaved after the crash, I gather that it was a high speed incident but you don’t straight up assault someone because they caused an accident which wasn’t anyone’s fault in the first place

  • George ‘man up’ and tell the truth-that was 100% YOUR FAULT!!
    Just look at the track, now take note of the racing line-ps…. the dry running line that ALL running cars were tracking on, this with the dog leg half way down the ‘bent straight’-Valteri was ahead of you running in the dry running line-as WAS his right I might add.
    I ask you this, did you dive onto the wet part of the track to let Lewis-whom you were obligated to let pass unheeded? No You Did Not!! The results of your action-Lewis had zero grip /traction to slow his car down, the result he lost valuable positions, and the nose section of his car!! And whom did Lewis blame, well George whom did Lewis blame???? Exactly he blamed himself, he admitted that attempting a pass there was far too risky, and he allowed himself-totally unnecessarily to take that risk!!
    Note George-Lewis Did Not expect or demand you should have dived onto or driven on the wet side of the track to let him through-in fact he fully expected for you to remain on the running line, and for him to take the necessary overtaking risk /s…..
    Now we return to Valteri, he was driving on the dry running line-so what had Valteri actually done wrong???? Err nothing governor!!
    Now we shall concentrate upon the pass-yes you are perfectly entitled to make that pass-of course you are, however for you to expect, no effectively demand that Valteri had ‘given up’ the dry running line to you, pushing him onto the wet side of the track for you to make that pass? Just the one word ‘bollocks’!! Man up George, your not playing with your Dinky Toys now, these are real men with real men’s toys, toys that can easily exceed 200MPH-your time to think+react is measured in micro milliseconds!! This ‘gentleman’s agreement’ is that yet more hogwash, or just a ruse for you to try blaming Valteri for what was YOUR OWN FAULT??
    At ALL times George, Valteri left you more than enough space to make that pass, yes you WOULD have been driving on the wet side of the track-that George was your choice + decision YOU made, George had you have been of equal standings or the experise re the likes of Lewis, Max, Kimi, Seb, Daniel R, and many others I could think of-do YOU think ANY of them would have smashed their own + another drivers cars to smithereens….well do you??
    Bleet as much as you like, this accident was 110% YOUR FAULT, as for your taking a swipe at Valteri-man up face him down-then try to lash out at him… you may not like lest enjoy what WILL befall you!!
    Best advice I or anyone else can say to you, Grow Up, be That Man, Grow a Set of Gonads, and learn from this incident and fast!!
    Now go see Valteri, and apologise most profusely-then go to see Toto, and apologise to him, and explain to him what YOU did wrong!!
    IF YOU really want to migrate upto The Mercedes Team, then I would suggest you Grow Set of Gonads, and LEARN how to eat ‘humble pie’ before its too late-right now YOU have today given Toto more than a few reasons to doubt your integrity, your stability, your total lack of knowledge /ability to manage wet conditions-and if that’s NOT enough reasons for Toto to be NOW having second thoughts about you.
    Ask yourself George what Toto is now thinking when the whole world saw how YOU screwed up, and how you went upto Valteri whom was sat dazed slightly stunned and severely winded by the severe impact and your berating him. For YOUR Own Screw Up-then you phisically lashed out at him!!
    Personally George-I Do Hope The FIA throw the book at you, boy do /will you deserve EVERYTHING imposed upon you, and more…..

  • It’s Russell who is at fault on my mind as he put the wheel on the grass, had he not done that then I think there wouldn’t have been that red flag let all e the incident

  • Esteban Tuero says:

    It was a split second decision and it’s easier to judge with the benefit of hindsight, but I think if George was expecting this kind of behavior from Valtteri he shouldn’t have taken the risk. I mean, even if Valtteri set this trap on purpose, still George was the one who walked into it

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