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Sainz Slams Critics Who Suggested F1 Drivers Should’ve Raced In Belgian GP Conditions

We’ve just witnessed undoubtedly one of the weirdest F1 races ever. After heavy rain disrupted racing, Max Verstappen won a very soggy Belgian Grand Prix with George Russell and Lewis Hamilton completing the podium trio. Oh, and only ‘two laps’ were completed, or so that seemed to be the case.

The original race start was scheduled for 15:00 local time, but the FIA delayed it by 25 minutes before undergoing formation laps behind the safety car. Then came a red flag, and over three hours after it was meant to start, we got ‘racing’ again.

Eventually, the cars were sent out again behind the safety car, and after completing a few laps with terrible weather conditions, the race was once again red-flagged and then ended.

“Visibility was absolutely zero in P10, so I can’t imagine P16 or P20,” Carlos Sainz Jr explained after the race finally came to an end.

“The right call, in my opinion, to not have a race because sometimes the conditions are just not good enough to run an F1 car in,” Sainz continued.

“I don’t agree with some comments made back at home of how F1 drivers nowadays or F1 nowadays don’t take risks. Nonsense. Because today really the probability of a big accident was there if we would have restarted in any of these conditions. It wasn’t the case. Sometimes you need to take it on the chin.”

After the race, all the teams and drivers in the championship expressed how sorry they were to the fans who had spent hours waiting for some racing action in the pouring rain.

“I feel really sorry for the fans, but it was just too tricky out there, and unfortunately, we couldn’t race. It is what it is.”

Half points have been awarded to the top ten as it’s deemed that the grid completed more than two laps, but less than 75% of the race distance was completed. However, on the FIA’s ‘Final Classification’ it states that the results are after Lap 1, which was 6.880 km.

Carlos Sainz picked up half a championship point after finishing P10 but thinks it’s not right and that he didn’t deserve it.

“Quali, we struggled, but today we didn’t race, and I got half a point for something I think I didn’t deserve to get half a point for. I didn’t have a race to deserve half a point.

“This is the only thing I think we need to review because to have points for something that didn’t happen, for me, doesn’t make much sense. It is what it is, and hopefully, we can review it for the future.”

Do you agree with half points being awarded? 

14 thoughts on “Sainz Slams Critics Who Suggested F1 Drivers Should’ve Raced In Belgian GP Conditions

  • I’d agree with Carlos on this one on both the points as well as about the comment that people made about the drivers not taking risks anymore. We have seen more than enough incidents with respect to the history that Eau Rouge has I’d rather see a driver going home to his family rather than being airlifted to a hospital

  • Jeroen van der Zee says:

    I think Carlos is right and I am disguisted by how the fans are throwing hate on Masi, his job is to keep the drivers safe and that is what he did.
    I get that people are angry but I would rater have everyone safe then to see a big crash and have the drivers ingured.

    Shame on the people that didn’t get this point

    • Pundit Punter says:

      The hate on Massi has more to do with his underhanded way of having the drivers complete fake laps under the SC just so that the “race” could be officially classified. Given the conditions, there was no chance that they would actually race.

      I agree with Sainz and Vettel. Although the track wasn’t as wet as we’ve seen in plenty of other green sessions, visibility was treacherous.

      There should not have been points awarded, and this race should have been postponed for another day.

  • F1 drivers do still take risks… It’s just nowadays we have much faster cars, which lead to faster accidents, which lead to bigger accidents. Back in the 60’s, this race would’ve probably lead to someone being killed and nobody would care because it happened so regularly back then.
    Today however, these cars are so safe that fatalities are the exception, not the rule. But that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. There’s a fine line between taking risks and doing something downright dangerous, and racing in these conditions would’ve been downright dangerous

    • If that safety car pulled into pit lane, every single one of them would have taken the green.
      Carnage would have crazy and pretty much eliminated the budgets for the development of next year’s cars in about 5 mins.
      You’re a clown.

  • The title of this thread is rediculous.
    Sainz didn’t ‘SLAM’ anyone.
    Hyped up rubbish riding the edge of ‘click bait’ mate.

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