Sato And Bourdais Got Physical After A Disagreement During IndyCar Practice

Takuma Sato and Sebastien Bourdais got into a shoving match after an on-track disagreement at the end of a practice session in Toronto

The two drivers were on an outlap when Bourdais elected to pass Sato, breaking kind of an unwritten rule between the drivers. On top of that, Bourdais appeared to swerve towards Sato, a move which actually broke Sato’s front wing.

Now, you have to do quite a lot to make the normally-cheery Sato react angrily. Back in the pits, he went down to Bourdais’ pit box, grabbed his overalls, and demanded answers on what he was thinking. Bourdais responded and things got a little bit physical between the two as mechanics had to separate the two drivers.

The two drivers are starting just one position apart for the race today so things could potentially get a little bit spicy on-track as well…