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Sato’s Winning Bling Gets Hamilton Interested In The Indy 500

It’s been a pretty awesome Japanese GP for Lewis Hamilton – pole position, race win, title rival out, and one hand on the championship.

But one of the things he seemed most excited about on the podium was Takuma Sato’s massive shiny ring, which he got for winning this year’s Indy 500.

“Wow, you’ve got some bling, where did this come from?!” Hamilton asked him. “I love that, I need that ring.”

Lewis then asked to try it on, saying: “Can I try your ring to see if it’s worth me going and doing it? It looks pretty good!”

So, is Hamilton now suddenly interested in going and doing the Indy 500 now that he’s seen what one of the rewards for winning it is? Who knows.

If he did he might not be welcomed as openly as Fernando was, as earlier this year Hamilton suggested that the IndyCar field wasn’t particularly strong, which led to him getting absolutely roasted by the drivers.

Even so, it’s something we’d absolutely love to see. Let’s hope he was only half-joking about wanting that ring!

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