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Say Hello To The New Ferrari SF71H

Usually Ferrari doesn’t follow much of a naming tradition for its cars but this year is different. Following last year’s SF70H, the 2018 car is called the SF71H. And here it is!

With the loss of Santander as a sponsor, Ferrari has decided to go back to an all-red livery (well, apart from the flashes on the engine cover) which includes painting the Halo red.

Like Sauber, the team has put some aero on the Halo and like pretty much every other car so far, it has some wild looking sidepods and a very tight rear end.

Will it be good enough to carry on the team’s form at the head of the field? Sebastian Vettel will certainly hope so as he races Lewis Hamilton to be the first of the two to win five titles, whilst Kimi Raikkonen is probably just happy that he’s got another year in F1.

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