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Schumacher, Senna And Prost Amongst F1 2021 Game Icons

Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost are amongst the seven ‘Icons’ you will be able to sign as your teammate in the F1 2021 My Team game mode. The seven-time World Champion will have an overall rating of 94, which means he’s one overall higher than Lewis Hamilton was after the final driver ratings update in F1 2020.

Ayrton Senna will also be 94 overall, whilst his fierce rival Alain Prost will be at 93. Both will undoubtedly be amongst the highest-rated drivers in the game, although none of the current drivers has had their ratings announced yet.

Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg will make their first appearance in an F1 game for the first time since F1 2016 and will be rated 90 and 89 overall, respectively.

For comparison, F1 2020, only Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton were rated above 90 whilst Valtteri Bottas ended at 90. Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo were both on 88 overall after the final driver ratings update and Charles Leclerc 87 – all lower than Button and Rosberg’s confirmed ratings for F1 2021.

David Coulthard and Felipe Massa complete the seven Icons and are the only two who failed to win an F1 World Championship.

The Scotsman has been given an 87 overall rating and Felipe Massa 86, which should still comfortably make them amongst the highest-rated drivers you can pick to be your teammate.

All seven Icons will be available to be selected to join your created team from the very start of a My Team career mode, provided you have the Deluxe Edition.

The ratings for the current Formula 1 drivers will be revealed closer to F1 2021’s release.

One thought on “Schumacher, Senna And Prost Amongst F1 2021 Game Icons

  • George Florian says:

    This is such a bad post. It’s pointeless because every F1 game fan would’ve already picked up the information from the short video posted by the F1 game team. This could’ve been better if you would’ve commented on the way these driver can be used.
    In which game mode can you use these ?
    What does EXP, AWA, RAC and PAC mean ?
    How do they affect the race, the racer or it’s driving style ?
    Why does MSC has 98 EXP and Senna has 79 EXP, but both have the same 94 rating ?
    Can we speculate that, since Hamilton is shredding every record in F1, he will have a higher rating than Senna and Schumacher ?
    C’mon people, make your articles more appetizing.

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