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Schumacher Thinks His Relationship With Teammate Mazepin Is Beyond Repair

Oooft, Mick Schumacher didn’t hold back on his thoughts of teammate Nikita Mazepin after the Dutch Grand Prix. The two have already had a rocky relationship, but today’s race left Schumacher with some pretty strong views on his teammate. 

It’s the second clash between Mick and Nikita over the weekend after they had a dispute about track position before their final laps in qualifying yesterday.

In the race, Mazepin managed to get ahead of Schumacher at the start. At the end of the first lap, Schumacher came back at him. He slipstreamed and pulled out to overtake but was cut across in a sharp reaction by his Mazepin.

Schumacher was nearly forced into the pitlane and the wall before he backed off and didn’t make the move. He clipped a bollard on the entry to the pits and had to come in to change his front wing a few laps later.

“There was a little coming together with my teammate for some reason which I don’t understand,” Mick said to Sky Sports afterwards. “But you know I think that obviously, that’s the way it is.”

From there, Schumacher was asked whether he’d be able to resolve his relationship with Mazepin, to which Schumacher seemed sceptical.

“I don’t think so, to be honest. It seems like he’s got this thing in his head where he wants to, at any cost, be in front of me, and that’s ok. I have nothing against it but if we get to the point where we defend very aggressively against a teammate where you have nothing to gain is not the right approach.”

“It doesn’t justify the fact that he pushes me in the wall and pushes me to go into the pitlane. I think that’s not the right way. We’ll probably have to have a talk with the team about it.”

The Haas has been overwhelmingly the slowest car in the field this year, so the fight between the two is purely for pride. They had a similar experience in Baku when Mazepin chopped across on Schumacher in reaction to his move.

The last thing a struggling team needs is a war between their teammates, but it’s looking like there won’t be any way to mend this relationship.

In the end Mick finished P18, with Nikita retiring for Hydraulic Issue.

30 thoughts on “Schumacher Thinks His Relationship With Teammate Mazepin Is Beyond Repair

  • Mazepiin is an ahole and will kill someone, problem with the ‘poor’ team. Haas find new sponsorship and get rid of this POS

  • Mazespin needs to learn to drive and avoid collisions with other drivers. He did the same to Yuki in F2 kinda sick of people giving him a pass cause his in the worst team. No excuses.

  • William Raymond says:

    His on-track etiquette is disgusting and dangerous, only rivalled by the sheer incompetence from his lack of spatial awareness. Not even counting his out-of-cockpit scandals he shouldn’t have made it this far up the Motorsport ladder.

    If he hasn’t yet completed Russia’s mandated year of military service, perhaps that armed forces discipline would help buck his ideas up.

    • DarthGrimlock228 says:

      I think Mick is playing the team game, I think Nikita is play the team game, I think the team is outright playing games. Nikita needs to be less impulsive, Schumacher needs a little more aggressive driving style. Nikita forgets the FIA and teams are watching and if he wants any chance of ever driving anything other then a brick he needs to calm it down. Schumacher knows at some point he will be in a better car. I know people talk about Nikita power by finical backing, I’m confused as to why no one talks about Schumacher benefits via his name, links and contacts they both in better position then many young drivers.

      • Yes Mick has received benefits of being Michael’s son, but he is actually a competent driver and seemingly a good person. He might actually deserve a seat in F1, whereas Mazepin’s sole reason for being there is that his dad is paying Haas stupid money. It was the same for Lance before he actually developed into a decent driver. Lance was never this poor, but neither truly deserved a seat in F1. Mazepin is a loose cannon and clearly has no awareness in or out of the car. His conduct is truly embarrassing, and his racecraft is abhorrent. In no way has Mazepin really been playing the team game whatsoever, as he just seems to be whining and crying every chance he gets about Mick getting unfair treatment. He had Haas make a new chassis for him, and he’s been no better in it. Honestly toddlers cry less than he does, and that’s not even mentioning his scandals in the past. This is why nobody talks about Mick like they do Mazepin, because he has arguably done enough to warrant an F1 seat, considering he won Formula 2.

        • DarthGrimlock228 says:

          Mazispin has won F2 races which is no mean feat, the past is the past any decent human being should except people do make mistakes. We only see a small snippet of what goes on inside the team so I think it’s a bit harsh to say he is not a team player. I think we just have to see with time whether he improves, they are driving the turd of the field. Maybe 2022 will see improvements, I can also appreciate frustrating it is not being informed of team calls. But it doesn’t excuse his behaviour on track and I’m sure that’s being addressed. Maybe he gets a timeout.

          • From what we’ve been able to see of him on track he really acts very rashly and drives far too aggressively. He has cut across his teammate multiple times and honestly it’s just outright dangerous. You’re not wrong that we don’t see much and it is possible most of the time he’s a team player, but watching the news on the internet really had me thinking that he’s just embarrassing, complaining so much about Mick overtaking him on the outlap. I think from all his preseason garbage everyone had an extremely negative opinion of him going into the season, and what we’ve seen hasn’t been enough to change that opinion.

        • Mazepin has been maturing as a driver and is often beating Schumacher because he wants to beat his teammate more than Schumacher does.

          Your teammate is usually your main opposition, Mazepin has the killer edge, he needs to refine it more.
          Schumacher needs to develop his more.

        • “competent” should not be uttered in the same sentence as “F1 drivers” they should be The cream of the crop.

  • YeP, egghead at it again….
    Mick should be at Alfa. As long as Haas is beholdant to egghead Sr., It’ll be like this.

  • Well, they’re racing aren’t they? Whether there’s something to gain or not, this is the perfect time for them to hone their skills before they battle it out with the big dogs. Just be careful though.

  • DarthGrimlock228 says:

    I feel sorry for both of them in a rubbish car. I agree mazipon needs an attitude adjustment but the team also needs to step up. They could have avoided quali drama by conveying the plan to Nikita instead of the silence, this silence lead to the cluster mess later on in the lap messing 3 drivers up. I think we all know Schumacher is a slow burner and is performing very well, Nikita is struggling to keep up with his form and I guess as a rookie he is mixing frustration with a bit of panic and anxiety and it’s making his driving even more erratic. Whether as a title sponsor or not seriously attempting to kill, seriously injure or punt of a team mate should and probably has consequences for Nikita money only goes so far. I think also FIA patience has limits too, I think Mazapin has to becareful not to get banned for a race or two only to be replaced by a more consistent driver as this will heap more pressure on him. But hey we will see what happens as the season goes on.

    • So you’re saying the rookie with the worst car should quit because he’s not champion day 1?

      That would destroy his credibility, give him 3 years so he can earn a better car and then see how he goes.

  • Robert Thomas says:

    Sadly, never should Mazepin be anywhere near F1!!!!!!!! Money talks…. He’s an absolute throbber.. But I also feel that Schumacher Jr came into F1 a season to early…. I’d like to have seen Mazepin carry out that type of move on Magnusson…. He’d be picking his teeth out of his poo…

  • Both Misepan and Schumi Jr need to be restrained from each other anywhere even on the racetrack. Especially with Misepan’s reputation for being shamelessly clumsy (or even downright dangerous, does every Russian racing driver really that much of an Imperial Japanese Kamikaze pilot when they’re behind the wheel of any race car, even in an F1 cars?). Or, rather eeriely, Nikita Misepan tried to show him what Mick’s father
    has done in his early years in F1 when he started racking up wins,
    especially because Schumi Sr’s reputation on the early years for being
    daring and reckless , and being ethically questionable while racing
    (for example, that controversial Adelaide ’94 and Jerez ’97).

    With that in
    his mind (maybe), Misepan thinks he can mess around and cut around Mick all he
    wants. Eventually these two might gonna crash on each other, provided Mick (Schumi
    Jr) was angered and provoked by Misepan’s reckless tactics.
    For Bernie and Balestre’s sake these two needs to be separated, or be mediated somehow.

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