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This Simple Design Might Just Be Sebastian Vettel’s Helmet For Good

Over the past few years we’ve been used to Sebastian Vettel changing his helmet design as often as I change my underwear. ‘Once a fortnight?’ OK, you get what I mean.

This year sees Vettel running a non-Red Bull branded helmet for the first time since he was in go-karts and he’s gone as simple as it gets, with this all white design with an off-centre German flag stripe.

ferrari vettel

The colour red used is also a nod to Michael Schumacher, Vettel’s hero. Helmet designer, Jens Munser (who painted Schumacher’s helmets later on in his career) used the same colour code that was used for the seven-time World Champion.

This video shows Munser in his studio painting Vettel’s new lid.

And the simple design is not all that’s surprising. According to F1-Insider, Vettel has said this helmet design is likely to stay for good.

“I had long thought about agreeing on only one design. This decision has matured with the change to Ferrari. Over time you also change as a person. Why should I then not even commit to a design, or… simply change less frequently than before?”

I’ll believe it when I see it…

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