Sebastian Vettel Wants V12 Engines Back – WTF1

Sebastian Vettel Wants V12 Engines Back

One of the biggest talking points ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix is Liberty Media’s takeover of Formula One and with change comes a list of demands from drivers.

Jenson Button already wants to see F1 have the kind of appeal as Pokemon Go, while Sebastian Vettel got to straight to the point. V12 engines.

“If you ask me what I would like to drive, I would like double the amount of cylinders in the car and take off a lot of the complicated electric equipment,” Vettel told AFP.

It’s fair to say most fans aren’t particularly wowed by the V6 Hybrid Turbo era that has seen Mercedes dominate the sport since 2014. Understandably, Force India’s Sergio Perez wants to see closer racing.

“I would love to see Formula One a lot closer, giving the midfield teams the opportunity to be capable of winning a race, fighting for titles,” said Perez. “I think that would be just something great for the fans to see—one race Williams on top, another race another team.”

Amen to that.

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