Lewis Hamilton’s three-car pass in Bahrain was brilliant, and Daniel Ricciardo’s display in China was very impressive, but Bourdais redefined the standard for unbelievable overtaking moves with this outrageous move in Long Beach.

Racing Scott Dixon for second place, Bourdais took advantage of a couple of backmarkers to make a move and when he did, it was… well, epic!

How good was that?! Unfortunately, he drove into the pit exit (or rather, he felt Dixon forced him into the pit exit) so race control penalised Bourdais by forcing him to give up the position. Which he did – only to repass him a couple of corners later.

He was looking like a potential challenger for victory, but his strategy was ruined by a badly-timed caution period and then he was later spun around by Jordan King.

Alexander Rossi dominated the event to win, but regardless of the penalty, that pass from Bourdais is what’s going to stick in the memory for a long, long time. Now excuse me whilst I watch it again. And again. And again…