Sergio Perez Publicly Dumps Sponsor After Donald Trump Joke – WTF1

Sergio Perez Publicly Dumps Sponsor After Donald Trump Joke

Social Media accounts always jump on the bandwagon of latest trends but what you don’t do is go and make a joke about Donald Trump’s view on Mexicans when you’ve recently signed a sponsorship deal with the country’s most successful F1 driver.

And while they probably thought they were being funny, instead they got an angry message from Sergio Perez, terminating their sponsorship agreement immediately. Ouch.

The tweet, which has now been deleted, joked about Mexican’s being able to wear their sunglasses to hide their tears when America start building the wall, one of the recently-elected President’s most infamous comments.


Perez understandably took offence to the tweet and replied with, “Really bad comment. Today I am breaking my relationship with @HawkersMX. I will never let anyone make fun of my country.”

The Hawkers Mexico Twitter account is still advertising their Perez edition sunglasses although their account is now full of apology messages.

Bernie says, think before you tweet.

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