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The Shoey Is Becoming A Thing In Motorsport

If you asked anyone in motorsport what a shoey was a few years ago, they’d tell you it was a nickname for Michael Schumacher but now it’s become one of the most popular celebrations in racing.

The shoey became popular in Australia last year and hit the mainstream when MotoGP rider Jack Miller drunk champagne from his race boot after his maiden victory in Assen.

Daniel Ricciardo introduced it to Formula 1 when he was on the podium for his 100th grand prix and famously made Mark Webber get involved at the Belgian Grand Prix when he was doing the post-race interviews.

(C) Red Bull Content Pool
(C) Red Bull Content Pool

Then it was MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi’s turn to join in, showing it wasn’t just an Aussie thing.

On Sunday, reigning World Touring Car Champion, José María López used the shoey to celebrate his victory in Shanghai.

Ricciardo meanwhile has said his next ‘shoey’ will be saved for when he wins a race. So come on Mercedes, screw up or something. We want to see a Ricciardo victory shoey!

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