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Silverstone Boss Has Gone On A Huge Rant About ‘Shit’ Formula One

Let’s be honest Formula One hasn’t be particularly thrilling in 2015 compared to recent years and we’ve all had a good bitch and moan about it. One person though you wouldn’t expect to go on a huge rant about it is the boss of Silverstone, Patrick Allen who has called Formula One ‘not saleable’ and a ‘shit product’ among other things.

The Silverstone boss told The Independent: “Months and months back I said it to Mr E himself that I can’t sell tickets for a shit product. I think it is criminal when we have got to that state of racing and that is not saleable.”

Allen believes Formula One needs changing with the drivers relying too much on data from their engineers unlike other series like MotoGP.

“I’ve said that people don’t come to watch guys looking at data screens. Fans want to see gladiators racing and fighting it out in a fair fight. Nobody wants to hear drivers getting told to ‘lift’, ‘coast’ or ‘we’re not going to catch the guy in front, settle for second’. How long is it before the technical director is stood on the top step, not the driver?

(C) Red Bull Content Pool
(C) Red Bull Content Pool

“I’m massively into F1 and used to race bikes. If you compare F1 to MotoGP, they are changing lead every few minutes, there are at least three or four guys that are going to do well.

“In my opinion you should probably get flag-to-flag racing back into F1. You go out with a tank of fuel and once you’re out there you’re gone until the second flag drops. Once you’re out there you’re on your own mate, and you’re not allowed to communicate at all. You go back to using your pit board.”

Making Allen’s job of selling tickets even harder is next year, the British Grand Prix will clash with both the Men’s Final at Wimbledon and the final of Euro 2016.

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