Wind Has Blown The Roof Off The Silverstone Wing! – WTF1

Wind Has Blown The Roof Off The Silverstone Wing!

silverstone wing

It’s been pretty windy in the UK recently, so windy in fact that it’s blown the roof off the £27 million Silverstone Wing! The circuit is set to host the first round of the World Endurance Championship next weekend but now it’s been left with a quarter of the roof missing off its pit complex.

Sporting director Stuart Pringle said: “Although it looks a bit of a mess at the moment, the damage is largely cosmetic and the structural and functional integrity of the roof remains completely intact.

“Whilst clearly we will have to smarten the section of roof and clear the insulation debris from the paddock, we don’t anticipate any impact on this weekend’s BRSCC race meeting.”

It also appears that the grandstands have been damaged too.

That’s gonna be some repair job.

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