Pagenaud was racing for Team Penske alongside Juan Pablo Montoya, Dane Cameron, and Ricky Taylor – one of just two teams comprised entirely of actual racing drivers. Without any gun sim racers in the team, a strong result was always going to be tough and they eventually finished 27th… but they’re lucky to have even finished at all.

In the fifth hour of the race, Pagenaud hit an issue when his wheel seized and, was unable to drive the car, and left stranded at the side of the track. Normally, the only solution to that would be to hit escape and return to the garage – in other words, retire from the race.

Luckily, Pagenaud had a back-up in place. He jumped up, unplugged his wheel, and dragged in a whole new seat and chair to plug in and get going again without having to leave the server.

Amazingly it worked, and he was able to let Montoya take over while he backed out and fixed his settings. That’s some serious dedication and preparation.