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These Single Seater Hill Climb Videos Look Impossibly Fast

There are few things in the motorsport world greater than seeing a single-seater race car being chucked up a hill climb with maximum commitment and flair. With trees, rocks, walls and barriers lining the courses, it’s a hugely risky sport and is best viewed via onboard footage. You really get a feel for the speed and lack of margin for error!

Single-seaters have been powering up hill climb courses for some time and as the technology has evolved, speeds have increased and the spectacle has gone to whole new levels.

With that in mind, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best single seater hill climb videos on the internet. You’re welcome.

All of the sparks

Bumpy hill climb = loads of sparks being kicked up. Brilliant.

Must be fake

Nope, this video has in no way been sped up.

Foot to the floor

Mad commitment from these hill climb drivers!

Super quick, both on and off-board

Some awesome footage here.

That rear wing tho

With those downforce levels, it’s no surprise these cars are so quick.

Insane spectacle

That noise. That speed. That skill.

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