It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Since we’ve seen the shoey on the Formula 1 podium. But it made a triumphant return at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Ricciardo finished third for Red Bull, behind Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, and was up on the podium when chanting was heard.

Fans clearly thought it’d had been too long since a shoey and Ricciardo was happy to bring it back. But it got a whole lot better!

Sir Patrick Stewart did the podium interviews for the race and – amazingly – he got in on the fun too, joining an increasingly long list of people doing shoeys with Ricciardo.

“I made the podium too” he said, before Ricciardo took off his second racing boot and downed the celebratory drink. He didn’t seem fazed at all.

What an absolute legend he is, and it was great to see Ricciardo back on the podium and bringing the shoey back where it belongs.