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Six Drivers Who Are Out Of An F1 Contract At The End Of 2023

The ‘who’s out of contract’ game isn’t quite as crazy as last year’s, but we’ve still got six drivers who could be staying put, snapped up by other teams or possibly out of a drive at the end of 2023. So, who are they? 🤔 

This is the one that scares us the most. We know everyone has their opinions on different drivers, by the thought of such an iconic figure retiring from F1 always makes us sad. Although Lewis’ current deal expires at the end of 2023, he and Mercedes have made it clear they want to extend it.

Lewis is usually a one-year contract kind of guy, so if he signs a longer deal, it’s clear to us that the chase for the eighth world championship is on, and there’s only one team he’ll want to achieve that with.

Alex hasn’t had the easiest time when it comes to securing a seat on the grid, but since joining Williams, he’s proven he’s where he should be: in F1. An incredibly consistent driver, pulling the best out of a car that doesn’t want to provide him with much.

He’s been a helping hand in getting the team back where they belong, and with his new teammate Logan Sargeant in 2023, we wouldn’t count them out this season. We’ll be honest, we’re not expecting Alex to go anywhere anytime soon, and a long-term deal with Williams would be perfect for both of them.

Ooooh. A rookie. Logan will want to impress this year, with it being his first season in F1. He finished fourth in the F2 championship last year, and although we expect a settling-in period for Logan, I’m sure he’ll be keen to prove why Williams gave him the seat.

And, hopefully, an extended contract deal!

Our 2022 rookie of the year (we ignore the fact he was indeed the only rookie of the year) had a reasonably consistent season in 2022. He proved many of his critics wrong, but I’m sure he’ll want to step it up this year and improve on getting more top-ten finishes and keeping up with his teammate Valtteri Bottas.

The Alfa Romeo new livery looks fast off-track, but can it give Zhou the results he’s hoping for this season?

Considering Kevin wasn’t supposed to be behind the wheel of the car in 2022, he didn’t have a bad year, did he? Bursting back onto the scene after Haas terminated Nikita Mazepin’s contract, he certainly made his return known.

He earned his maiden pole position in Brazil, which was his first and the team’s first, too! Besides that, he did the best he could in the machinery he was given. Another solid season in 2023, and I see no reason there wouldn’t be a contract extension. Although, he does have Nico Hulkenberg to contend with this year.

Another year, another hunt for a contract extension for Yuki Tsunoda. Even though he’s been driving with AlphaTauri since 2021, he’s only ever managed to get his hands on one-year contracts since driving in F1.

His time behind the wheel of an F1 car hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing. The last two years have been full of ups and a few more downs than he was hoping for. With Red Bull’s pool of young drivers waiting on the sidelines for their chance in F1, if Yuki wants to stay on the grid in 2024, he will need a BIG year to make that happen.

Do you think any of these drivers could be out of F1 at the end of the season? 

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