Someone's Gazebo Blew Onto The Track In The Sebring 12 Hours - WTF1

Someone’s Gazebo Blew Onto The Track In The Sebring 12 Hours

The Sebring 12 Hours is well known not just for being a classic endurance race, but because the fans there go absolutely nuts in many different ways, one of which is by building elaborate campsites. One campsite will be missing something though because during the race, someone’s gazebo made a bid for freedom and ended up on the circuit.

Looks like a few fans will have to go without shade during the remaining hours of the race! Kinda makes the time an umbrella ended up on the track during F1 practice in Abu Dhabi last year look a bit underwhelming, doesn’t it?

IMSA doesn’t have anything like a Virtual Safety Car or a Code 60, either, so a full course yellow had to be thrown in order for marshals to safely get rid of the thing. In fact, IMSA in no stranger to temporary structures finding their way onto the track – in New Orleans in 1991 a gazebo blew onto the track, too.

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