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Watch This Amazing Classic Onboard Footage From Spa

The summer break is almost over and F1 will be back – so what better way to get back into the spirit of things than with some classic onboard footage from Spa?

Ok, it’s not Formula 1, but this video from the 1985 World Sportscar Championship round at Spa is the Jacky Ickx/Jochen Mass Porsche 962 (despite the title) and the Group C cars being raced in this era weren’t far off being Formula 1 cars with doors and windows. The sound is amazing, the cars are amazing, the driving is amazing.

Even though the actual layout of Spa-Francorchamps hasn’t changed much since then, it’s surprising just how different the circuit looks with high kerbs and very little run off. Eau Rouge in particular looks absolutely terrifying. It almost makes you wish tracks were still like this, until you remember that this is the very same race where the ultra-talented Stefan Bellof tragically lost his life, cutting short a a career that had yet to fully blossom in either Sports Cars or Formula 1.


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