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Stars in Their Eyes: Who is your favourite Photoshop Star?

It’s been just about two years since Mark Webber’s victory in Hungary but little did we all know that his celebration would launch a photoshop frenzy and since then F1 Photoshops have become more and more popular.  To celebrate WTF1’s second Birthday, we want to know who your favourite Photoshop star is.

So check out the eight challengers and vote in our poll below.

Mark Webber

The guy who kicked it all off, his podium celebration in Hungary became a Photoshop sensation and since then he’s gone on to have not just one Photoshop posts but three, all for his famous victory jumps.

See them here:

THIS. IS. WEBBA!: Celebration launches new online craze

THIS. IS. WEBBA!: More Mark Madness

Was Only a Matter of Time: Webber’s Silverstone Jump gets Photoshopped

Vitaly Petrov

You don’t often see F1 car’s take-off but Vitaly Petrov got some serious air in the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix. The image was a Photoshopper’s dream and he found himself in all sorts of situations. CNN even showed Vitaly the Photoshops during an interview!

See them here:

I can haz meme?: Vitaly Petrov flying photoshops

Jenson Button

It’s always fun to laugh at other people’s fails and Jenson Button had an epic one at the 2011 Chinese Grand Prix, when he pulled into the Red Bull pitbox by accident. So of course it launched a whole load of Photoshops with ‘Should have gone to Specsavers’ being the main theme.

See them here:

Should’ve gone to Specsavers: JB’s Pitlane Fail Photoshops

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso has had his fair share of Photoshop moments. No less than five! A celebration jump from Singapore in 2010 was his first, then we saw what he’d look like without eyebrows. But the best came when he missed the drivers’ parade at Silverstone and an amusing photo became gold for F1 Photoshoppers. Fernando’s excessive tweeting then bagged him two more Photoshop posts.

See them here:

THIS. IS. ALONSO?: New celebration photoshops

The stuff of nightmares: Alonso with no eyebrows

Mummy says I’m special: Hilarious new Alonso photoshops

Hair Bear Bunch: Alonso’s Tweet gets photoshopped

Say Cheese!: Tweeting Fernando gets Photoshopped

Nick Heidfeld

He may not have won a Grand Prix but he is a double Photoshop star! A photo of Nick Heidfeld running from his burning Lotus found its way into all sorts of Photoshops and then just a few weeks later, the same thing happened again! Nick even shared the post on his Twitter, so he obviously has a good sense of humour!

See them here:

Leg it!: Heidfeld the unlikely new photoshop star

He’s back: New Heidfeld jump launches more photoshops

Sebastian Vettel

Well what else was Sebastian Vettel’s Photoshops going to be out? Love it or hate it, ‘the Finger’ has become one of the most talked about celebrations in F1 and of course it led to some hilarious images.

See them here:

The Finger: Vettel gets his photoshop meme

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton found himself a Photoshop star after the 2010 Japanese Grand Prix, when he ended up in an amusing little car on the drivers’ parade but this wasn’t his big moment, oh no. A GQ photoshoot in early 2012 saw a huge amount of F1 Photoshops and some of the funniest we’ve ever seen.

See them here:

Here we go again: Lewis the new photoshop man

We all saw it coming: Hamilton’s GQ shoot gets photoshopped

Not finished yet: More Hamilton GQ photoshops

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen has been the source of many F1 jokes about ice-creams but it wasn’t until he fell over a gate that Kimi became a Photoshop star. His unwanted trip at the German Grand Prix this year helped produce some hilarious images.

See them here:

I Swear to Drunk I’m not God: Kimi’s Fall gets Photoshopped

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