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Steiner Admits Haas Have No Spare Chassis After Schumacher’s Crash

The days of teams having a spare car ready and waiting to go might be long gone, but they still make sure they’ve got enough spare parts trackside just in case they need to build one from scratch.

Unfortunately, Mick Schumacher’s heavy crash during qualifying for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix has left Haas in a bit of a pickle. Turns out there’s no Plan B, as their Team Principal Guenther Steiner admitted that they haven’t got a spare chassis available this weekend. Not ideal 😬

“The drivers are aware of the situation, that there is no spare chassis, but that can happen sometimes that there’s no spare chassis,” he explained, as quoted by The Race.

Despite the amount of damage to the VF-22, the good news is the chassis can be fixed. The bad news is it’s currently in Singapore. The team had to send the wrecked bodywork from Jeddah to Melbourne with the rest of their equipment before it could be brought back to their base in Italy.

“We have sent it back at the beginning of the week to Europe, so we get ready for Imola [the next race in a fortnight], because we had to bring it here because of customs formalities.

“It had to enter here and then it could be shipped back to Europe from here and it’s on its way back now.”

The crash is estimated to have cost Haas in the range of $500k – $1 million, so the team decided to only run Kevin Magnussen during the Saudi race to save their spare parts, which Steiner confessed they haven’t got a lot of.

Nevertheless, he’s not telling either of his drivers to act any differently this weekend because of it.

“I’m not panicking and if something happens, we will deal with it as it comes along. You cannot go and say ‘go out there and drive slowly’, that doesn’t make sense. Just don’t take extra risks if you don’t have to,” the Haas boss added.

Guess things could be worse as some teams almost didn’t have their equipment arrive down under!

How do you think Haas will fare in Australia? Let us know in the comments below. 

3 thoughts on “Steiner Admits Haas Have No Spare Chassis After Schumacher’s Crash

  • Nothing on Haas; lack of spare parts is not a good look for F1. The powers that be must rescind the ridiculous spending caps; parts production is not the heavy part of the budgets.

    • Carlos Sarmento says:

      It is not that simple. With this new rule change and added cost cap most teams are evolving a lot each part before manufacture it, and Haas is no different. Specifically speaking about chassis, if you plan on change it, you have to produce 2 of them to crash test, and then 3 more, at least (2 for immediate use and the spare one). Imagine have 5 chassis and make changes. This cost cap is affecting much more all the teams than what it shows on surface. Do you think that Ferrari didn’t change nothing in the car just because it is “good enough”? Nop. They are saving money, CFD runs and part iteration so they only change when absolutely necessary. When they feel they were passed on evolution, the others would have spend money and CFD uses to be in par and Ferrari would be able to spend similar into evoluting again (J Ferrari is just an example)

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