Red Bull X2014

You may remember the bonkers Red Bull X2010 from Gran Turismo 5, a car designed by Adrian Newey that showed what an F1 car might look like if there were no regulations whatsoever. Well now Newey’s had another go for GT6 and come up with this, the Red Bull X2014.

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Kazunori Yamauchi took the stage for a presentation on Gran Turismo 6 during the first day of events for GT6′s two-day launch party in Ronda, Spain.

Here’s a summary of what we learned from the first day:

Red Bull X2014, X2014 Standard (no fan) and X2014 Junior cars revealed along with “X Challenge” game mode.

“Simulating Everything” feature theme detailing atmospheric changes: time, temperature, humidity, clouds, dispersion of the atmosphere.

New Vision Gran Turismo concepts teased: Subaru, Nike, SRT (Dodge), Peugeot.

New intro movie presented, shows Ayrton Senna’s karting on his old track, Silver DeltaWing.

New Community Club features will not go live until January.

Dedication to improved DLC support and “Continued Updates” restated; new cars, tracks, features, seasonals will steadily become available for download in GT6.

Red Bull X2014