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Stroll Thought He Had A Puncture Because Of How Low The F1 Helicopter Was

Camera operators will do anything for the perfect shot, and it’s no different in F1. The show relies so much on brilliant helicopter shots of the cars and the racing, but at Silverstone, they got a bit too close for comfort when one of them flew very low and made Lance Stroll think he’d got a puncture!

The helicopter was flying directly over the track, and as Lance drove underneath it, the car went mad, and he nearly lost control. The downdraft from the chopper completely disrupted the airflow going over the car!

The Aston Martin snapped underneath him as the air pushed down on the car, but Lance was able to hold it and carry on. He asked his engineer Brad Joyce to check the car.

“Tyres are good,” Brad responded, with Lance guessing it was probably the helicopter that had interfered with the car.

It’s undoubtedly bizarre! We’re very used to helicopters flying around the track all over the place, and it isn’t rare to see them very low, but we don’t know when they were so low they directly impacted a car on the track. 

F1 cars are incredibly wind sensitive, so it’s very likely if that was over a braking zone or a more technical part of the track, or even if he had DRS, he could have been even more unsettled. 

Some Reddit fans said that the helicopter gave their grandstand a lovely breeze in the baking hot Silverstone sun, which is nice but proves it must’ve been really low!

In 1999, Silverstone set the world record for being the busiest airport in one day because of all the helicopters that would arrive on Grand Prix day. There were 4,200 documented movements. But since then, it’s calmed down, and with the pandemic, it really is just the camera helicopters being used.

It’s certainly a random reason for car troubles! 

6 thoughts on “Stroll Thought He Had A Puncture Because Of How Low The F1 Helicopter Was

  • Pretty sure that was the medical helicopter (taking Verstappen to the hospital?) not a camera helicopter. Stroll passes the Medical Centre right after the bridge.

  • Alan van der Merwe commented;

    Just to chime in here:
    1) yes, that was the medical heli, with Max on board
    2) racing can continue without a heli on the pad, if the route via road to designated hospital(s) can be done in good time
    3) this is not the usual take off direction of the medical heli

    • They had 2 medical helis at Silverstone anyway so they still had a medical heli available. The spare moved up to the medical centre helipad from the main heliport within a minute of the first helicopter departinf

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