Super Maldonado Kart Challenge: Final Round – Jump! – WTF1

Super Maldonado Kart Challenge: Final Round – Jump!

It’s not time for the final challenge. It’s time to get jumping in the final round of Super Maldonado Kart!

How to play

Load up F1 2011 (PC, Xbox or PS3) and start a Grand Prix at Nurburgring.

At the chicane. Take it flat out and jump over the bump on the inside.

How to submit an entry

Take a picture of your attempt.

Send all photos to [email protected] and remember to include your username if you remember it.

Scoring and Deadline

Points will be awarded to the ten most successful entries. 10 for the best, 1 for the 10th best.

An additional 5 bonus points will be awarded to everyone who enters.

A championship table will be kept here.

All entries must be sent in by Sunday 28th October.


Super Maldonado Kart


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