Super Maldonado Kart Challenge: Round 3 Results – WTF1

Super Maldonado Kart Challenge: Round 3 Results

So how did you get on in HAM challenge of Super Maldonado Kart? We asked you to take out Hamilton at Valencia but make it a lot more spectacular than how Pastor did it this year. We got some hilarious results.

Click below for the top ten.

10. GeorgeHDavies

Lots of debris, and very high in the air.

9. Icthyes

This looks like the six wheeled Williams has destroyed Hamilton’s car.

8. SphinxF1

Maldonado celebrates rolling Hamilton over by doing a wheelie with no front wheels.

7. martijn

A similar crash as Maldonado rolls Hamilton over. Martijn also sent over a video of his crash.

5. VerstappenGP

Synchronised crashing here!

5. StompyChar

Hamilton gets double-teamed by his two favourite crashing buddies Pastor Maldonado and Felipe Massa.

4. Pyjames

Hilarious crash that looks like Hamilton has been dropped onto Maldonado from the sky, he’s even sunk into the ground a bit.

3. Minardifan

I had to watch the video, I couldn’t work out how Minardifan managed this one. Nice air from Hamilton.

2. Mastarich

No idea how this happened but it’s hilarious.

1. ThirdWorldRacer

This is without doubt the most bizarre, funniest and… sexiest crash we got sent. It features Maldonado making love to Hamilton’s McLaren. Check out the video below to see how it was done.

So the championship table looks like this.

Don’t forget to enter Round 4 here.


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