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Super Maldonado Kart Challenge: We have a winner!

We’ve been crashing in Belgium, short cutting in Italy and flying in Germany, but only one of you can be the winner of Super Maldonado Kart challenge. After six rounds we’re ready to announce our champion.

Drum roll please.

First off all we’re going to have a quick re-cap of the challenges.

Round 1 – Spa ’98

In the opening round we asked you to re-create the famous Spa ’98 start crash, basically cause absolute carnage. The winner of that event was Rosko with this brilliant re-creation.

Round 2 – Monza Speed Cheat

In Italy, we asked you to lap Monza in the fastest possible time, short cuts allowed. We saw some incredibly quick times but it was SphinxF1 who won the round with a 1.05.880. Below is Minardifan attempting his run.

Round 3 – H.A.M. Challenge

In Round 3 we wanted you to take Hamilton out the race in Valencia in the funniest way possible. Without doubt the best was this effort from ThirdWorldRacer who ended up humping Hamilton’s McLaren, which scored him the maximum 15 points.

Round 4 – Monaco Mayhem

Maldonado caused mayhem in Monaco this year but we wanted you to do it on a much bigger scale, by taking as many cars out the race. FakeFifthDriver won the round after causing a Tabac traffic-jam and taking out 19 cars.

Round 5 – Barcelona Brilliance

Here we wanted you to win by the biggest margin possible in a one-lap race. Having finished second in the previous three rounds, Mastarich took victory by winning from Rosberg by 15.973 seconds.

Round 6 – Jump!

Now for the final round and it’s time to learn to fly. Take off at the Nurburgring chicane and photograph the consequences. Here’s another video from Minardifan showing his hilarious attempts.

And now for the top 5…

5. SphinxF1

4. Minardifan

3. VerstappenGP

2. Kieran

1. Mastarich

So here are the final results.

Congratulations to Mastarich who is the Super Maldonado Kart champion! His Schumacher-like dominance in the final few rounds took him to the title, while ThirdWorldRacer and MinardiFan finish close behind, both of who were always consistently in the top positions.

A big thank you to everyone who entered. I hope you had a lot of fun! 🙂




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