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Alonso’s Not A Fan Of Public Team Radio… But Kimi Is

Team Radio has completely changed the way we watch Formula One in recent years, with constant updates from the drivers speaking to their race engineers.

Broadcasting sound-bites during races has got Fernando Alonso into hot water with his McLaren team after he referred to his Honda power unit as a “GP2 engine” last time out in Suzuka. Unsurprisingly then, Fernando isn’t a fan of team radio being broadcast during races.

“We face some difficult times, some tough times as a team, and what you talk on the radio should remain private because you are talking to the team,” said Alonso.

“When you are in a car and in a race, and you try to give it all and you are fighting lap after lap and you keep losing positions easily on the straight, even before the braking point, you get some frustration out there on the radio.”

One driver who doesn’t share Alonso’s opinion is Kimi Raikkonen, no surprise really with the Finn fondly remembered for his radio broadcasts such as “Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing” during the 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

“I think it’s up to the team and the drivers to keep it private,” said Raikkonen. “We have meetings where we discuss many things and that’s private, and we all know how it works out in the radio.

“The radios usually end up on TV, so it’s the same for everybody. I think it’s good for the spectators on the TV. It makes it more interesting for them if they can hear what is going on.”

So who do you agree with, Alonso or Raikkonen?

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