The 2013 WTF1 End Of Season Awards – WTF1

The 2013 WTF1 End Of Season Awards

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Roll out the red carpet and put on your best tux or dress, it’s time for the WTF1 Awards of 2013, a list that no one wants to be a part of, even more so than the Castrol Rankings.

Below we’ve given out some awards not just for Formula One but also a few other motor racing series. Enjoy…

Bravery award – Mark Webber in Brazil

webber brazil 2013

Who says Formula One isn’t dangerous any more? Mark Webber threw the safety manual out the window during his bad-ass F1 farewell lap when he took his crash helmet off and he did it while Pastor Maldonado was still on the track… now that’s bravery.

Most ridiculous comment – Maldonado in Austin

While Felipe Massa showed how you leave a team on good terms, Pastor Maldonado showed the opposite. During another dismal performance in qualifying, Maldonado accused the team of sabotaging their own car.

Nostalgia award – Lewis Hamilton in Malaysia


We could have given this to Sebastian Vettel for reminding of us of the not-so-glory days of the Schumacher era but instead it goes to Lewis Hamilton. McLaren said he could come back at any time but they didn’t expect it to happen in just the second race of the year.

“I can’t believe that’s not scripted” award – Freedom 100 Finish

There’s been some pretty epic finishes over in America but the Indy Lights (that’s the GP2 of IndyCar) finish at Indianapolis was quite simply, unbelievable. If you haven’t seen it yet, just watch…

Best Celebration – Sebastian Vettel in India

For someone who was often booed to then make the crowd go completely crazy, it must have taken one epic celebration and that’s exactly what Sebastian Vettel did. After Vettel won his fourth title in India he ignored the FIA rulebook and gave the crowd some donuts and bowed down to his mighty Red Bull RB9, brilliant.

Worst Celebration – Sebastien Bourdais in Toronto


Sebastien Bourdais was pretty unlucky in F1 and it seems to have continued in IndyCar. Bourdais had scored his first podium since his return and as he lifted up the trophy to celebrate it fell of its base and smashed. Fail.

“It’s about bloody time” award – Tony Kanaan wins the Indy 500

After eleven seasons of coming ridiculously close to winning, it seemed like Tony Kanaan was destined never to win the Indy 500, but this year he finally did it. Just moments before Kanaan made his race winning overtake, he came on the radio to say “I’m going to go for it, it’s all or nothing.” Now that’s what you call a racer.

Helmet design of the year – Heikki Kovalainen

heikkiThere’s nothing we hate more than drivers that match their helmet colours to their cars so Heikki Kovalainen’s electric pink design not only looks super cool but also stands out from the crowd. Bravo Heikki, you’ve somehow managed to top your Angry Birds design.

See our Top Ten Helmet Designs of 2013.

Wish you were here award – Quantum money


Most of us wanted to see what Nico Hulkenberg could do in a top car, so when Lotus investors Quantum said they’d get Hulkenberg on board, more than a few of us started to get a little excited. In the end, it never came and Lotus got Maldonado instead.

Wish you weren’t here award – DRS


Remember the days when you had to actual out-brake someone? The novelty of multiple overtakes has warn off and now the DRS overtakes- that look more like someone passing on the motorway – give no excitement what-so-ever.

Glad you aren’t here – Nelson Piquet Jnr

Nelson Piquet Jnr made a name for himself in Formula One for being a cock and now he’s doing the same in NASCAR. Not only did he kick a rival in the balls after a race but also got fined for a homophobic slur towards another driver.

Most awkward podium – Malaysia


Could it have been anything else? Well maybe that cringe-worthy podium commentator in Brazil. The Malaysian Grand Prix podium though managed to end of with three unhappy drivers on it after team orders controversy from Red Bull and Mercedes.

Best accident avoidance – Alessandro Pier Guidi at Spa

Things don’t get much scarier than losing it up Eau Rouge on the first lap of a race in front of 70 plus cars, but instead of simply soiling himself and bracing for an impact, Ferrari driver Alessandro Pier Guidi pulled off a sweet 360, allowing the whole field to continue by safely without a crash. Like a boss.

Worst accident avoidance – Most of the WTCC field at Macau

Safety car and yellow flags mean slow the hell down but unfortunately most of the WTCC field ignored that and Ricardo Rosseted straight into the crash.

The wrong place at the wrong time award – Paul Di Resta at Spa

MALDO PITAt the Belgian Grand Prix, Paul Di Resta tried to go around the outside of Maldonado into the bus stop chicane and found out exactly what happens when you try and stop Maldonado from pitting.

Biggest fail – Niki Lauda ‘Elderly fan’ caption


As caption fails go this one is a rather big one. British radio station Heart mistook Niki Lauda for David Beckham’s elderly fan in their latest celebrity gallery. Well it’s not like he’s the main character in a current Hollywood movie or anything…

See our Top Ten Epic Fails of 2013

Most pointless driver – Davide Valsecchi


This should have probably gone to Charles Pic because you could argue that Davide Valsecchi isn’t even a driver. There’s not really a lot to do as a third driver these days but when Kimi Raikkonen decided he couldn’t be arsed any more, Davide… wasn’t used.

Most dramatic moment – Pirelli tyres at Silverstone

pirelli funny

The British Grand Prix had more explosions than a Michael Bay movie and while it was pretty uncomfortable to watch at the time, it sure was dramatic!

Think we’ve missed an award? Share your suggestions below…


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