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The 2015 F1 Season Review… Reviewed

Yo dawg, I heard you like reviews. So we reviewed a review so you can review my review about this review.

I was told at University that ‘you can’t polish a turd,’ well that’s exactly what’s been attempted here in the official review of what’s surely been the worst Formula One season in a long, long time.

The DVD review comes with two discs which both run for around two hours. Sadly though, they’ve not just put the Hungarian Grand Prix on one and the US Grand Prix on the other (arguably the only two races worth watching this year) but instead retold the entire 2015 season from pre-season testing to drinking the rose water in Abu Dhabi.

Usually these things are packed with new footage that we didn’t get to see during the season but, unless you nodded off during some the races, there’s probably not too much stuff you didn’t see already. Although that may say more about the much-improved coverage from FOM with all the important action, onboards and team radio having already been shown live.

Depending on how much of an F1 nerd you are, some of the other additional features like snazzy infographics and the featurettes may look familiar if you’ve been following F1’s new YouTube account this year.

The pre and post-race featurettes are also rather hit and miss. While the Brazilian Grand Prix one is full of classic nostalgia-filled footage and interesting facts, China features James Allen telling you exactly why Formula One cars can’t overtake each other. Not what you want to hear when you’re already banging your head against a table wishing you were watching a season review from five years ago instead.

Some additional content does come from longer onboard videos with the highlight being the full lap of Max Verstappen chasing down Felipe Nasr before his mega pass around the outside of Blanchimont at Spa.

Hardcore F1 fans are unlikely to learn anything new by watching this review, with each race covered in about ten minutes with commentary telling you exactly what’s going on on the screen before cutting to a lifeless press conference interview from the winning Mercedes driver.

This kind of review is perhaps better to sit on a shelf for a few years before watching it back to remember Max Verstappen’s amazing rookie year or when Fernando Alonso sat in camping chair at the side of the race track.

Want a copy? Head over to our Twitter account to win yourself a copy of the official 2015 F1 season review DVD.

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