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The Audi TT Race Of Legends Was Exactly As Crazy As You’d Expect

Audi Sport is ending the Audi TT Cup (yup, that’s the series Sebastian Vettel’s brother races in) at the end of this year, and to bid it farewell organised a one-off exhibition race featuring 16 legendary Audi drivers, past and present.

The grid included a bunch of Le Mans winners, such as Tom Kristensen, Emanuele Pirro and Frank Biela, as well as several famous names from Audi’s time in DTM, GT, and touring car racing. There were even a few ex-F1 drivers, like Lucas Di Grassi, Hans-Joachim Stuck, and Jean-Marc Gounon (10 internet points if you know who he is without looking it up!)

Now get a load of drivers together for a one-off bit of fun like this and you’d expect fireworks…and that’s exactly what happened. It kicked-off when Gounon jumped the start (he got a drive-through for it but didn’t bother serving it) and then continued when Kristensen collided with Felipe Albuquerque at the first corner.

And that was only the start of it! The whole race was packed with some fantastically entertaining driving, full of lunges, aggressive overtakes, and a complete and utter disregard for track limits.

The whole race is already on YouTube, and it’s well worth a watch (skip to the 11 minute mark for the start).

How good was that?! Proof (as if it was needed) that motorsport needs to have more ‘legends’ races like this!

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