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The Awesome DTM End Of Season Movie Is Here

A whole raft of rule changes this year turned the DTM from a series that was – let’s be honest – slightly boring at times, to one that was an absolute must watch. The racing was utterly superb and multiple drivers were in with a shout of the title, with rookie Rene Rast coming through to claim top honours.

Now the DTM is pretty on point with its YouTube content, and one of the highlights each year is the end-of-season ‘movie’ – a round-up of the highlights of the season, all put together in a beautifully-made video which you don’t have to be a fan of the DTM to enjoy.

The 2017 one is just as good, cramming a whole lot of content into 11 minutes. It captures not only the stuff going on in the races, but also gives plenty of time to some of the off-track moments and comments from the drivers.

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