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The Best Helmet Designs From The 2020 F1 Season

With the ban lifted on the number of helmet designs a driver could have throughout a season, 2020 has delivered us some spectacular results and allowed drivers to pay tribute to their home race, run competitions or just create a pizza helmet because Lando.

Back in March, when the 2020 F1 season was scheduled to go ahead in Australia, the FIA announced that it was scrapping the ban on driver’s helmet designs. The ban, which was introduced in 2015 and limited a driver to one helmet design change throughout the season, was put in place to stop spectators getting confused about who was behind each car.

This was great news to many and this season we’ve been treated to some stunning lid designs as a result.

We’ve narrowed them down to just eight designs, but we now want to find out what YOU think is the best design of the year. We’ve also featured one design from each driver because if you’re Lando Norris you’ve had more new helmet designs than hot dinners this year.

Right, then. Let’s go!

Talking of Norris, shall we start with his British GP design? It’s certainly up there with one of the cutest lid designs we have ever seen.

Submitted by Eva, aged six, Norris picked this creative drawing from thousands of competition entries.

The iconic helmet includes several illustrations of Norris’ bright orange McLaren and the now famous ‘Lando Norri       s’ name printed on the side. 10/10 awarded for heartwarming content that we all needed.

This was a stunning tribute to Ayrton Senna at the circuit the three-time champion lost his life at in 1994. Gasly used the instantly recognisable yellow, green and blue colours that were associated with Senna’s helmets throughout his career, being the same colours found on the Brazilian flag.

The block colours as well as the Honda logo on Pierre’s helmet, which was also heavily associated with Senna throughout his career with McLaren, makes it a super special tribute to one of the sport’s all-time greats.

Lewis Hamilton is the master when it comes to helmet designs. His 2020 lid was flawless, welcoming purple into his design with the new black livery seen on the Mercedes this season. 

Although he didn’t experiment with a totally radical one-off design this season, unlike others in this list, he did make certain tweaks and changes throughout the 17-race calendar that didn’t go unnoticed. 

As well as adding the ‘Black Lives Matter’ logo onto the top of his helmet, he’s also been making subtle changes with the colours of lines on his helmets from silver to a gold once he’d wrapped up his seventh drivers’ title. 

For the final race of the year at Abu Dhabi, after safely returning from contracting COVID-19, he went fully gold and sparkly under the floodlights of the Yas Marina circuit. 

This beautiful blue number was a stark contrast to Antonio’s usual helmet designs. Being Italian, Giovinazzi normally incorporates the classic red, white and green of the Italian flag into his lid design. 

However, for the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, he presented this pastel baby blue delight. 

On the top of the helmet is a woman, who sits on top of an outline of Italy and with a stamp that marks Antonio’s birthday. Sharing the images of the helmet design on twitter, Giovinazzi quoted:

If you know her you can’t help but fall in love with her.

If you are distant you miss her.

If you were born there you cannot do without it.

Long live Italy. The whole of Italy. 

The Italian pride is strong with this one.

Sebastian Vettel’s ‘Together As One’ helmet made its debut at the Turkish Grand Prix this year, coincidentally this was the only race where Vettel would find himself on the podium in 2020.

The helmet, which includes a rainbow stripe across the entirety of it, fades seamlessly from black to white and includes lots of illustrated people along the base from all backgrounds in a celebration of diversity. 

Vettel would also wear the helmet for the Bahrain Grand Prix, and after the season had finished auctioned it off for charity. It was the only helmet from his time at Ferrari that he parted ways with, and sold for an incredible £200,000.

George Russell continued to win over the hearts of F1 fans around the world when he revealed his special tribute helmet to the Williams family at the last race of the season. 

With the Williams family announcing their withdrawal and departing the sport earlier in the year, Russell wanted to show his thanks to Claire and Frank Williams who believed in him and gave him his full-time F1 seat last year. 

Including some of Williams most recognisable cars on the top of the lid, it also featured an attractive but simplistic blue and white design.

He might have only been able to wear it once during his F1 debut at the Sakhir Grand Prix, but Jack Aitken was sure to make both an impression on-track with his racing and off-track with this stunner of a helmet design.

It seemed to include almost everything, from a patch of tartan and a unicorn to give a nod to his Scottish heritage, as well as the ‘YOTUS’ motto which stands for ‘year of the ultimate send’.

The helmet was similar in design to the one he wore during his time in F2 this year, but instead used the blue and white design colour scheme seen on this year’s Williams cars.

Romain Grosjean had this special lid designed ahead of his final F1 race, which he never got to use due to his crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix. 

Featuring drawing from his three sons, the helmet design is one that Grosjean will undoubtedly hold close to his heart. Including drawings of his car, and the whole family together, it also includes the family’s cat and it certainly tugs on the old heartstrings. 

Grosjean proudly showed it off on social media, but said he has to find an excuse to get behind the wheel of a car again so he can use it.

Which helmet do you think is the best of the year? Let us know in the comments below or head over to our social media to vote for your favourites! 

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