The Chinese Grand Prix Will Go Ahead On Sunday After All – WTF1

The Chinese Grand Prix Will Go Ahead On Sunday After All

Well that was a rollercoaster few hours wasn’t it? After bad weather conditions limited running on Friday the teams got together to discuss the possibility of running the race on Saturday, as bad weather is expected again on Sunday.

But that idea was quickly dismissed and race director Charlie Whiting has told teams and drivers that the weekend schedule will go ahead unchanged.

The FIA are confident that the weather won’t be as quite bad on Sunday, with higher clouds and windier conditions making it much more likely that the medical helicopter can operate as normal, although rain is predicted.

That’s good news, as having to change everything around would have been a nightmare for fans and TV broadcasters. But if the weather turns out to be bad on Sunday and affects the race, I hope the FIA are prepared to take a bit of flak, because at that point hindsight will become a wonderful thing.

For everyone’s sake, let’s hope their weather prediction is accurate!

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