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The Cool Wall: Cigarettes and Alcohol

The latest Cool Wall post sees another five F1 cars join the wall, all with liveries based on cigarettes or alcohol. These liveries may now be a thing of the past but they have been some of the most famous designs in F1 history.

Click below to see what’s hot and what’s not.

Lotus 98T Does this really need explaining? The JPS livery is an all time classic and considered by many to be the greatest F1 livery of all time. Here it is on the 1986 98T with Senna at the wheel. SUB ZERO.

Jordan 199 No surprises to see another Jordan in the Sub Zero section. The hornet was one of the classic animal-themed designs complete with a witty tag-line to get around the ban on cigarette sponsorship “Buzzin’ & Hornets.” SUB ZERO.

BAR 01 After bagging two big-money cigarette sponsors BAR tried to race two liveries in 1999 but the FIA said no. However, BAR came up with was a rather amusing and novel way of getting around it. So it may look a bit tacky but it will never be forgotten and we’ll probably never see anything like again. COOL.

Larrousse LH94 Another asymmetrical livery but this time one that isn’t cool. The red and white was boring and the green was complete pointless. UNCOOL.

Lotus 80 In 1979 JPS was replaced with Martini at Lotus. Great! Martini is a classic livery right? Wrong. Rather then the classic white, blue and red, Lotus went for this design. Why oh why. UNCOOL.

Check out the updated cool wall here.

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