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The Cool Wall: Five more cars join the wall

It’s that time again. Time to put a few more cars on ‘The Cool Wall’. We have five more Formula One cars to put up, all from different eras. Some are beautiful and some are hideous.

Thanks to everyone for getting in touch and giving me all your suggestions. So let’s see what’s made it onto the wall this time.

Jordan 191 – The Jordan team always had great liveries. Their 1991 attempt was livery perfection and on a beautiful looking car. SUB ZERO.

Benetton B186 – Benetton were all about colour. This car from 1986 is one of the most colourful F1 cars and even had coloured wheels! SUB ZERO.

Prost AP02 – Prost’s 1999 F1 car had a simple design but neat sponsorship and a great colour made this car look brilliant. COOL.

Sauber C29 – When BMW pulled out for 2010, the Sauber team entered independently. With no sponsorship they could do anything they wanted. They made it white. UNCOOL.

Eiffeland Type 21 – Well just look at it. The one off Eiffeland from 1972 was a horrible shape AND had a boring livery. I have no idea what that thing in the middle is but it’s probably for the embarrassed driver to hide behind. SERIOUSLY UNCOOL.

Check out the updated cool wall here.

What F1 cars do you want to see on the Cool Wall? Don’t forget to Tweet or Facebook me with suggestions. 

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