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The Cool Wall: Weird and Wonderful

In the 60 years of Grand Prix racing, designers have never failed to come up with radical designs for their racing cars. Some more outrageous than others.

The next five cars to go on the cool wall can only be described as ‘outrageous’. But what’s hot and what’s not?

Tyrrell P34 – The most famous six-wheeler in F1 history and the only six-wheeler to win a Grand Prix, in Sweden 1976. Still a highlight at many shows such as  Grand Prix Historique de Monaco and Goodwood Festival of Speed.  SUB ZERO.

Brabham BT46B – The Brabham “fan car” raced just one race, in Sweden 1978. It won. The fan helped cooling and created an immense level of downforce. However, it was declared illegal before the next race.  COOL.

Williams FW26 – Nicknamed ‘The Walrus’, This is a controversial one. Back in 2004 it looked awful but looking at it today there’s something rather cool about it.  COOL.

Ferrari 312B3 – Ferrari’s are meant to be things of beauty. But this Ferrari ‘Spazzaneve’ from 1973 would look more at home in the Robot Wars arena than on a Formula One circuit.  SERIOUSLY UNCOOL.

Ensign N179 – Someone clearly thought having a step ladder as the front nose would make this car quicker. It didn’t. The 1979 Ensign only finished three races, often failing to Qualify. SERIOUSLY UNCOOL.

Check out the updated cool wall here.

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