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The FIA Have Extended Their F1 Jewellery Ban Exemption Even Further

It was expected to be a big topic of discussion in Monaco this weekend, but the FIA have postponed their jewellery ban and any potential sanctions until the end of June.

In Australia, earlier this season, the new Race Director Niels Wittich brought attention to the prescribed limits on the jewellery and underwear worn by the drivers when they’re in the car.

It was stressed that the rules on wearing no jewellery and having FIA-standard underwear, which are clearly stated in the FIA’s International Sporting Code (ISC), were going to be followed, and drivers had two races to prepare.

So when Miami came around, teams were told that the correct underwear and the wearing of jewellery would now be a part of the pre-event scrutineering process with immediate effect.

However, going forward, certain drivers like Lewis Hamilton were given another two races to remove piercings, which took us up to Monaco. Yet, we’ve arrived at the principality with it confirmed that there’s yet another delay in imposing the relevant penalties.

Hamilton said in Monaco that he felt like “too much energy” was being wasted on the talks of the ban and that the rule hasn’t been an issue “since it was introduced in 2005, and there’s no reason for it to be a problem now”.

Do you think the FIA will ever enact a full jewellery ban? Let us know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “The FIA Have Extended Their F1 Jewellery Ban Exemption Even Further

  • Looks like the FIA buckled

    Do people really think the rules will be enforced at the end of June (in time for Silverstone) if it means Lewis could miss the British GP?

    • Of course not but remember the FIA governs more than F1. They cannot give F1 drivers a pass and then tell the other series drivers to follow the rules properly. It is just a delay so they can figure out how to allow Hamilton to keep the permanent nose ring but keep the drivers from wearing all kinds of other jewelry.

      Since it hadn’t been enforced they should take it case by case. If you have something like Hamilton, which is kinda gross, where the skin has grown over the piercing then grandfather that one in and tell him to take the others off for 90 minutes. Same with other drivers. Maybe the W series has something similar. So it should be driver by driver and then as new drivers enter the series they won’t have that ability and then eventually it’ll be consistent.

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