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The FIA Is Launching A Sort Of Olympic Games For Motorsport

When it comes to racing drivers have to prove themselves over different disciplines, the closest we really have are either IndyCar – with its mixture of road circuits, street circuits, and ovals – or the Race of Champions which, while fun and entertaining, isn’t the most representative form of racing out there.

It seems the FIA is hoping to change that with the introduction of the ‘Motorsport Games’, set to take place later this year. The idea is that all drivers will compete for medals on behalf of their countries over six different formats – races in GT, Formula 4, and touring cars, a drifting competition, a karting slalom, and sim racing (or “digital motorsport” as the FIA is referring to it for some reason).

Although full details are yet to emerge, it is set to take place in Rome, which suggests some sort of street circuit or ROC-style stadium. It could be hosted at the Vallelunga circuit, which is near to Rome, but if that was the case, you’d think the announcement may have mentioned it specifically.

And if you’re getting excited about it being the sort of event that may feature some current F1 drivers… hold your horses. The event is scheduled to take place from 31 October to 3 November – in other words, the weekend of the US GP. Boo.

If it’s hosted on something resembling a proper race track, then it will still be a thoroughly interesting event – who wouldn’t want to see a load of drivers from different disciplines all competing against each other in a range of different machinery?

If it turns out be the FIA’s own facsimile of the Race of Champions, however… well, it might still be worth a watch, but we can’t help but feel that would be missing a trick.

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