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The FIA Says Aero Fairings Will Make The Halo Look More Attractive

We’re not quite sure how any additional aero tweaks could make the Formula 1 halo cockpit protection device – coming to the sport in 2018 – any more attractive.

But Whiting insists that the halo will look better with aero fairings, which will be a standard part to help with any aero issues it causes.

Of course, as announced earlier this month (sparking a huge online reaction), the halo will be a thing in 2018 – officially.

Apparently, the development version we’ve seen on previous F1 cars – including FP1 outings last year – is very “raw” and that the halo that’ll be raced will look better.

We’ll have to wait and see, though.
Speaking at a press conference in Hungary, Whiting told media:

“All the Halos that we’ve seen bar one, as I recall anyway, have been just raw. I think we should just wait and see what the teams come up with, because for sure they will all exploit the extra freedom that they have got, even if it is just for aero reasons.

“I’m sure that they will look more pleasing to the eyes. They have to use the standard halo, that will be from a single supplier. We will allow them to use non-structural fairings around the upper part, which can be no more than 20mm from the main structure.

“I think there’s an overall width restriction, and I think there’s a restriction on how far they can encroach on the cockpit opening. But 20mm is quite lot all the way around, and they can do what they like with that.

“The main reason for doing it in the first place was to give them the scope to overcome any aero changes they’ve got – for example airbox, and things like that. They wanted to be able to redirect the flow.”

Whiting believes fans will get used to it and teams will do what they can to make them look better, while also sorting any aero problems out.

But while it’ll probably still be ugly, there is a perk for teams – sponsor logos can be placed on the halo. So, there’s that.

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