Albon led away from pole with de Vries right behind him for much of the early laps. When the safety car was deployed for a collision between Ralph Boschung and Lando Norris, the lead pair decided it was to perfect time to make their mandatory stop.

De Vries came in, but ahead of him Albon made his decision a bit later and, well, this happened:

That’s, erm, a bit awkward. Albon got going again (though he later retired), and de Vries had to retire too as a result of the damage.

That left the door open for Artem Markelov to take his second Monaco Feature Race victory in three seasons, ahead of Sean Gelael and Roberto Mehri.

But the true craziness of F2 is perhaps best represented by Lando Norris. He crashed in qualifying, started near the back, crashed in the race, had a drive-through penalty, and yet still came through to finish sixth. Antonio Fuoco finished eighth and will have reverse grid pole for the Sprint Race, with Jack Aitken joining him on the front row.