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The Launch Of F1’s Streaming Service Has Been Delayed

Ever since Liberty Media took over the sports it hinted at an official F1 streaming service, and when the details of it finally emerged last month it almost sounded too good to be true – even if it isn’t going to be available in every region. Access to every session and every support series with some classic content thrown in, all for a surprisingly cheap price? Yes please!

The plan was to have F1 TV Pro (as it’s called) go live for the season opener in Melbourne this weekend, but unfortunately it seems there are still a few kinks to iron out. Therefore, its introduction has been delayed. Boo.

F1 has been hurrying the development of the service and although it’s not quite ready for public launch yet, it is being heavily tested this weekend. A spokesperson told Autosport:

“We will do a stress test/beta test session during the Melbourne weekend with the aim to be fully operational as soon as possible. It’s a normal process when you develop a new product. It won’t be a public test, it will be an internal test. We will have people spread in various locations in the world, testing the system and functionalities.”

There’s still no word on when it’ll actually be launched – it could be another few weeks, it could be several months. Still, it’s better to delay it so that when it does go live it works flawlessly, rather than rushing out a broken and unfinished product that everyone ends up hating and, consequently, not subscribing to.

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