The New Drive To Survive Season 4 Teaser Trailer Is HERE – WTF1

The New Drive To Survive Season 4 Teaser Trailer Is HERE

New year, new season of Netflix’s Drive To Survive. Season 4 of the popular show is BACK on March 11th, and to wet our tastebuds Netflix have just dropped a little teaser.

Yep, it’s worked. We’re ready. 

Time to stock up on that popcorn!

What are you hoping DTS covers this season? Let us know in the comments below.


7 thoughts on “The New Drive To Survive Season 4 Teaser Trailer Is HERE

  • Really?? Man I love F1 and DTS but really, we’ve gone with gun-cocking sounds in the intro?? Really, right now? If only the sport of F1 had some other cool sounds to use instead of puerile pew pew noises.

    • Because they cut the trailer just this week. Can you imagine, how much work goes even into making such a trailer or series at all? The idiotic coincidence from last week cannot make any impact on such a promotion. This trailer is being worked on for months prior to releasing it. Try to see the things from a different perspective. Not everything is about the war.

      • Aye but someone has made the decision to press the go button in the last few days no? Besides, mindless audio like this serves to normalise guns at any time, irrespective of national conflicts.

  • Barry McCown says:

    I think I’m pretty familiar with firearms as an instructor and competitive shooter, but I didn’t hear any gun-cocking or “pew pew” sounds. My best guess would be the sound of latches clicking closed (like safety harnesses) or maybe the sound of a drum line at the opening of a routine, or maybe the start of a video.

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