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The Newey-Designed Aston Martin Hypercar Could Be As Fast An F1 Car

Adrian Newey is one of the greatest racing car designers of all time, so naturally the excitement surrounding the Aston Martin Valkyrie project – which Newey and Red Bull have a hand in – is pretty high.

The limited-run hypercar is due to hit the roads in 2019, with 150 examples being built for the road and a further 25 specifically for track use. It’ll weigh less than 1000 kg and have a hybrid powerplant pushing out over 1000 hp, but being a Newey car it’s the aerodynamics which make it really exciting.

It’s claimed to be the first road car which will utilise ground effects and because it doesn’t have to conform to any of the rules and regulations of most motorsports, the track version is expected to be seriously quick.

But just how quick? Initially it was predicted that the Valkyrie would be about as fast as a modern LMP1 car, but it seems that things have progressed a bit in simulations. In an interview with, Aston Martin Vice President David King suggested that the track version is going to rival F1:

“Even the road car is going to be extraordinarily fast on a track in the right hands. Certainly for the track version we’re into lap times approaching Formula One lap times. That’s definitely within sight.”

Ok, so he’s not out-and-out saying it’s as fast as an F1 car, but the mere fact it draws comparison to them is impressive enough.

There’s also been suggestions that the Valkyrie could even beat Stefan Bellof’s all-time record at the Nordschleife, but King measured expectations, saying that it isn’t the focus yet:

“The focus at the moment is on conventional race tracks. The simulator work is being done on modern F1 tracks. You make a lot of radical adjustments to come to the Nordschleife with how high the car has to ride for the bumps. I’m sure we’ll give it a run at some point. We had a Vulcan here a few weeks ago. It’s the ultimate track, so it has to be ticked off. But we haven’t set our hearts on any particular lap records at this stage.”

We’ll have to wait a little while to find out as the first prototypes aren’t being built until the end of the year, but it’s all sounding incredibly exciting. We already knew the Vakyrie was going to be something completely revolutionary in terms of road car production, but it’s sound like it could be about enter into folklore on the race tracks as well.

Then again, with Adrian Newey being involved, are we really surprised?

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