The Pace Car Crashed At The Start Of IndyCar's Detroit GP

Heading out on to the first formation lap of the Detroit Grand Prix, the field only made it around one corner when the pace car lost it and hit the wall

The Belle Isle circuit is incredibly challenging, thanks in part to the sheer number of bumps around the circuit. It’s not uncommon for drivers to get caught out, but one car you’d never expect to lose it would be the pace car.

Right after exiting the pits, the driver of the Corvette (a General Motors employee) hit the throttle coming out of Turn 2 (where one of the most vicious bumps is) and lost the back, spearing head first into the wall. Thankfully both driver and passenger were OK - well, apart from the being highly embarrassed part…

The race start was postponed and a second pace car wheeled out for the restart, this time driven by professional IndyCar driver Oriol Servia (which is probably for the best).