The Pre-Race Drivers Briefing From Malaysia Has Been Turned Into A Parody Of 'The Office'

Someone has spliced some shots of the drivers' briefing into a hilarious opening credits sequence

Lately we’ve been seeing quite a few videos of drivers briefings, offering an insight into what gets discussed before a race.

But as well as being brilliant to see, the footage from the Malaysian GP briefing also ended up being unintentionally hilarious as the camerawork made it look like something straight out of a sitcom.

It was ripe for parodying, and that’s exactly what YouTuber DragonWorld 93 has done, splicing some clips together into a full-on intro in the style of The Office.

It all works so well, from the establishing shots to the dramatic pan across to a guilty-looking Sergio Perez. If ‘The Briefing’ was a real sitcom, we’d definitely be watching!